Hi, I am Trishala.

Choosing Product design has been an outcome of my immense love for creating beautiful models. As a kid I always wondered how I could use my sketching and model making skills to do better for people. After getting to know about a lot of career options that were relating to art, craft, design, fashion, etc. I decided to apply for this course. The 4 years of my college life have been a fruitful experience of learning and interacting with people from different regions of the country, different professions and understanding the need of design in all fields.

Design thinking

I believe in starting with a hollistic research for the selected product. After getting the bigger picture, we can get to know the possible loopholes and problems that actually need to be catered to. In the process, we consider the system that the product is a part of and keep an account of the stake holders and how the change or creation of the selected product impact or influence their lives.

Consumer centricity

I believe that being User centric is the most important aspect in designing any product. But first, fixing a target audience eliminate a lot of problems that we might face due to a bigger margin of users. Keeping check on the ergonomics, anthropometry and affordance is a huge deal.

Concept generation

Basic drafts of the design need to have the explanation of the functionality of the new product. The probable ideas that could be finalized can be translated into low fidelity models for the tangble understanding of the product. The form of the product plays a vital role in functionality of the object. Protoyping can be done after a high fidelity model is made in a similar material to make sure the prototype works in the least number of 're-dos'. I believe that the materials should be selected after the model forms are considered.

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