Feline Reflections

Story Summary

The family of 4 gets transported to a flipside world while finding their way out of a mysterious lightning strike at their home. This world is filled with animals who talk (and walk and work) and humans who don’t. All 4 members of the protagonist’s family realise the hostility of their surroundings sooner or later and find cues to reach each other. The protagonist is chased by the jackal police, younger sister and mother are followed by an angry rhino lady and the father is stealthily approaching the chamber by following his gut. The story has a petal narrative structure that eventually brings the characters in the same scene. The story climaxes when the younger daughter ‘Wama’ is fainted and mother is captured in Cat minister’s chamber and the father comes to the rescue only to be supported by the protagonist ‘Trish’ emerging from an unexpected route. Read full story here

Character design - The Cat minister

This is the Chief antagonist is the chosen character from the story for character development